Living Here Municipal Services Water/Sewer
Brenda Poulsen - Utility Supervisor
Direct:   204-745-7973
Adam Anseeuw - Utility Personnel 
Direct:   204-232-5936
Parker Page - Utility Personnel
Direct:   204-872-4780

The Utility Department oversee the operation of water/sewer systems within the R.M. of Grey including Elm Creek Water Plant & Sewer, Haywood Water Reservoir & Sewer, St. Claude Water Plant & Sewer and Fannystelle Reservoir & Sewer. 

Customers within the boundaries of Elm Creek, Haywood and Fannystelle will have their meters read by our utility staff at the end of each quarter (March, June, September and December).
Please ensure your meters are accessible to our utility staff, especially during the winter months.

Rural customers must read their meters during the last 3 days of each quarter (March 29-31, June 28-30, September 28-30 and December 29-31) and submit to our office.

To submit your water reading you have 4 options: 
  1. call the office at 204-436-2014
  2. fax the office at 204-436-2543
  3. online at
  4. email to
Please include your name, account number and reading. Meters should be read from left to right including all zeros (should be 7 digits in total).